Arno River, Firenze, Italia

Arno River, Firenze, Italia

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baking catastrophes.

After finally finding the necessary ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, butter, and the like, cookies seemed like the first natural thing to make.  And, after discovering cocoa in the drink aisle, Chocolate Crinkles were an obvious choice.  (My favorite part about chocolate crinkles are their appearance.  You roll the dark chocolate dough in powdered sugar, and as they bake, the white layer begins to crack creating dark “crinkles.”) 

The mixing of the ingredients was based on estimates.  That looks like a cup.  That should be about a quarter cup.  Four eggs.  Easy.  And the dough looked about right.  So now to chill.

And then the concerns began.

This doesn’t look right.  Put it in the freezer.  It still doesn’t look right.  It’ll do.  Don’t put them so close together.  No, they’ll rise.  Megan, they are running together.  We’ll cut them apart.  It’s starting to look like brownies.  What should we do with the extra batter?  Just plop it on top.  How long should it bake?  I have no idea.  Here, sprinkle some more powdered sugar on top.  Why? I don’t know; I’m improvising.
And then the final product.  Some sort of really thin, fluffy brownies, not at all like the cookies I remember.  But I properly powdered them with sugar, so in my mind, they were perfect. 

Our most recent purchase since: a plastic measuring cup.  Maybe next time we’ll have better results.    

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